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Time and Location You Can Trust™

In today’s world, GPS (or GNSS) signals are not always available or accurate.

Orolia makes these signals virtually fail-safe for critical applications in defense and commercial industries worldwide.

With robust, accurate GNSS-based systems and proven technologies, Orolia is the world leader in Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions.

Mission Statement

Providing the world’s leading Resilient Positioning, Navigation & Timing Platform trusted for the most critical applications

A Story of Growth

Founded in 2006, Orolia became the world leader in Resilient PNT in just a few years. With 10 acquisitions in the US and Europe successfully integrated in less than 7 years, Orolia rapidly became one of the few global providers of precise, rugged and reliable positioning, navigation, timing (PNT) solutions that are critical for governments, military, aerospace and defense markets. With a team of over 425 people, our success is rooted in a shared culture including entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, operational excellence and a high level of customer service.