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Many new applications for the DAQM970A with new High Speed Digitizing Module


The DAQ970A was introduced about a year ago. It builds on the success of the 34970/72A data acquisition system, which has been one of the most popular Keysight products over time. Already now, it has been widely accepted as a worthy successor. Its popularity is caused by its ability to measure signals from a wide range of transducers and sources including thermocouples, RTD’s and many others. Its build in 6½ digit DMM offers measurement of AC and DC voltage and current, impedance, capacitance and frequency. The full-scale voltage range goes from 100 mV to 300 Volt. The current range from impressive 1 μA to 1 Amp. Accuracy is very high and ensures trustworthy measurements.

The range of multiplexers allow one mainframe to handle up to 60 channels dual-ended measurement and 120 channels single-ended. The new solid state DAQM900A multiplexer offers scanning of up to 450 channels per second. Single channel measurements can be performed at up to 50.000 per second.

The BenchVue software for DAQ offers a fast turnkey solution for data logging and extreme flexibility for setting up advanced analysis functions and custom solutions with graphic programming.

High Speed Digitizing Module DAQM909A

However, some applications require even faster speed and simultaneous sampling of the signals, which the DAQM970A and its predecessors have not been able to offer before. With the introduction of the DAQM909A 4-channel High Speed Digitizing Module, this application area can now also be addressed. The application space of the DAQ970A has now been widely expanded.

Some key features of the new module:

  • 4-channels simultaneous sampling
  • Both Time domain and frequency domain analysis in the module
  • Sample Rate up to 800 kSa/s for time domain analysis. 100 kSa/s for frequency domain
  • Anti-alias filters in both time and frequency domain sampling
  • High resolution digitizing with 24 bit
  • Single or differential input selectable
  • Input ranges from 300 mV to 36 Vpk
  • Residual noise down to 7 μVrms
  • THD down to -103 dB (1 kHz)
  • IEPE current source can be turned on
  • Trigger on level/slope, external, alarm and other
  • Up to 16 million samples per channel
  • Three modules can be synchronized to allow 12 synchronous channels

The module can be used in a number of applications including acoustics, vibration analysis, dynamic signal analysis and many other. The flexibility and high accuracy of the input channels coupled with the on-board FFT analysis and build in anti-aliasing filters, makes it easy to perform accurate analysis of broad range of high-speed signals.

See more about the new DAQM909A here: More details and price of DAQM909A.


For a limited time, you can buy a combination of a data acquisition (DAQ) mainframe (DAQ970A or DAQ973A) with the latest digitizer module (DAQM909A) and get the DAQM901A multiplexer module at no extra cost. Keysight’s DAQ970A/DAQ973A data acquisition system has advanced 6 ½ digits digital multimeter (DMM) built-in that allows you to measure fast and accurately. The internal analog to digital converter allows measurement speeds of up to 50000 readings per second with high resolution. It comes with an intuitive LCD screen and soft keys for easy configuration and measurement displays in multiple formats: number, bar meter, trend chart, and histogram chart.

The free module represents a discount of more than 13%.

Contact 4test if you want to take advantage of the promotion or know more about the details:

BenchVue - Complete software solution

Each DAQ970A comes with a BenchVue license. The software in most cases will solve the users’ requirements without any need to develop his own software.

The picture shows time-domain analysis of four channels. Similar analysis can be performed in frequency domain.

The BenchVue DAQ application software is packed with features and is fully capable of replacing the old BenchLink Datalogger software, which you might have used with the 34970/72A family of data loggers. The BenchVue platform is designed to easily detect and connect to one or multiple DAQ systems or together with other types of instruments such as power supply, oscilloscope and more. It can detect instruments via multiple interfaces such as USB, LAN or GPIB. It has very user-friendly point-and-click interface that speeds up your instrument configuration.

It has very simple data logging setup interface. With a couple of clicks, you are ready to start your data logging. Data can be stored in the DAQ system’s memory or in a USB thumb drive (via front panel of the DAQ) or in a PC directly via BenchVue.

If you have used BenchVue DAQ application software before, you should be familiar with its powerful data visualization tools, such as:

  • Data grids
  • Strip charts
  • Bar meters
  • Histogram
  • X-Y charts
  • Switch controls
  • D/A controls
  • Digital Read/Write
  • And many more.

What is BenchVue’s Test Flow

BenchVue’s Test Flow is an application included with BenchVue that enables simple test sequencing of instrument settings and measurements. It can combine multiple instruments together to create your own automated test. It supports the new DAQ970A data acquisition system.

The figure above shows BenchVue connecting a DAQ970A data acquisition system unit with an E36312A DC power supply via USB.

The picture below shows a Test Flow application, which makes a periodic measurement for voltage and current from the DC power supply and three different temperature points from the DAQ.

The best way to get more understanding of BenchVue and Test Flow is to have a look at some of the numerous videos available on YouTube. Here are some examples:

Contact 4test if you have any questions or want to test the solution: