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Infiniium Oscilloscope Applications

Infiniium Oscilloscope Applications
Conformance Test Applications
D9010BJAC 40GBASE-CR4 and 100GBASE-CR10 Tx Compliance Software
D9010BJBC 100GBASE-KR4 Tx Compliance Software
D9010BJCC 100GBASE-CR4 Tx Compliance Software
D9010CAUC CAUI-4 Ethernet Tx Compliance Software
D9010CEIC OIF-CEI 4.0 Compliance Application for Infiniium Real-Time Oscilloscopes
D9010CPHC MIPI C-PHY Tx Compliance Software
D9010EAPC Ethernet 10GBASE-KR Tx Compliance Software
D9010EBSC IEEE802.3bs/cd Compliance Application for Infiniium Real-Time Oscilloscopes
D9010EBZC Ethernet Tx Compliance Software (10G, MGBase-T, Nbase-T)
D9010ETHC Ethernet Tx Compliance Software (Ethernet, EEE)
D9010SFPC SFP+ Tx Compliance Software
D9010UHSC SD-UHS2 Card Tx Compliance Software
D9010XAUC XAUI Tx Compliance Software
D9020DDRC DDR2 and LPDDR2 Tx Compliance Software
D9020DPHC MIPI D-PHY Tx Compliance Software
D9020USBC USB 3.2 Tx Compliance Software
D9021HDMC HDMI Tx Compliance Software
D9030DDRC DDR3 and LPDDR3 Tx Compliance Software
D9030SATC SATA Tx Compliance Software
D9040DDRC DDR4 and LPDDR4 Tx Compliance Software
D9040DPPC DisplayPort Tx Compliance Software
D9040MPHC MIPI M-PHY Tx Compliance Software
D9040PCIC PCI Express Tx Compliance Software
D9040SASC SAS Tx Compliance Software
D9050DDRC DDR5 Tx Compliance Software
D9050LDDC LPDDR5 Tx Compliance Software
D9050PCIC PCI Express5 Tx Compliance Software
N5392B Energy Efficient Ethernet compliance software
N5393F PCIe 4.0 (2.5G, 4G, 8G, 16G) Compliance Application for Infiniium Real Time Oscilloscopes
N5395C Ethernet Test Fixtures
N5399E HDMI electrical performance validation and compliance software
N5416A USB Oscilloscope application license
N6461A SD UHS-II card Compliance test software application
N6468A SFP+ Compliance Application
N6469A Electrical Performance Validation compliance application eDP 1.4
N6473A OIF-CEI 4.0 Compliance Application for Infiniium Real-Time Oscilloscopes
N6474A ONFI Compliance Test Application Software
N6475A DDR5 Tx Compliance Test Software
N7018A Type C Test Controller
N8814B Ethernet KR compliance application
N8828A 40GBASE-CR4 and 100GBASE-CR10 compliance application
N8830A 100GBASE-CR4 compliance application
U7236A 10GBASE-T and MGBASE-T Compliance Software
U7238E MIPI D-PHY 2.0 Compliance Test Software
U7245A GDDR5 compliance test application license
Protocol Decodes
D9010AUTP Automotive Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (CAN, LIN, CAN-FD, FlexRay ...)
D9010BDLP Protocol Decode/Trigger Software Bundle (Low Speed, Auto, MIPI, Military ?)
D9010EKRP 10G/100GBASE-KR 64b/66b and Link Training Decode/Trigger Software
D9010EMBP Embedded Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (USB2.0, eUSB2, 10/100 ETH, PCIe 2/1 ...)
D9010HSPO Infiniium Offline - High Speed Protocol Software Bundle
D9010LSPO Infiniium Offline - Low Speed Protocol Software Bundle
D9010LSSP Low Speed Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (I2C, SPI, RS232, I2S, JTAG ...)
D9010MCDP MIPI CSI and DSI Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (C-PHY and D-PHY)
D9010MILP Military Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (ARINC 429, MIL-STD 1553, SpaceWire)
D9010MPLP Low Speed MIPI Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (RFFE, I3C, SPMI)
D9010MPMP MIPI M-PHY Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (DigRF,LLI,CSI-3,UniPro,UFS,SSIC)
D9010PCIP Advanced PCIe Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (PCIe 4/3/2/1, SATA/SAS)
D9010USBP USB 3.x Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (USB 3.2 - 5 and 10 Gbps)
D9020AUTP High Speed Automotive Protocol Decode/Trigger Software (100BASE-T1)
Other Applications
D9010ASIO Infiniium Offline - Adv Signal Integrity Software (InfiniiSim Adv/EQ/Crosstalk)
D9010BSEO Infiniium Offline - Base Software
D9010DMBA De-embedding Software (Precision Probe, InfiiniSim Basic)
D9010EXMA External Mixer Assistant Software
D9010PAMA Pulse Amplitude Modulation PAM-N Analysis Software
D9010POWA Power Integrity Analysis Software
D9010SCNA InfiniiScan Event Identification Software for 9000/S-Series
D9010UDAA User Defined Application Software
D9020ASIA Advanced Signal Integrity Software (EQ, InfiiniSimAdv, Crosstalk)
D9020JITA EZJIT Complete - Jitter and Vertical Noise Analysis Software for V/Z/UXR-Series
D9020SCNA InfiniiScan Event Identification Software for V/Z/UXR-Series
D9030TBTC Thunderbolt 3 Tx Software
D9040EDPV eDP Tx Validation Software
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