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Medium-High Voltage Differential Probes

Medium-High Voltage Differential Probes

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High-Voltage Differential Active Probes
ModelBandwidthInput RangeDiff Input ImpedanceAttenuation RatioProb-to-scope InterfacePower SourceOscilloscope Termination
DP0010A250 MHz±42 V1.7 MΩ/0.9 pF17:1/85:1AutoProbe1Oscilloscope50 Ω
DP0011A500 MHz±42 V1.7 MΩ/0.9 pF17:1/85:1AutoProbe1Oscilloscope50 Ω
DP0012A1.0 GHz±42 V1.7 MΩ/0.9 pF17:1/85:1AutoProbe1Oscilloscope50 Ω
DP0013A1.7 Ghz±42 V1.7 MΩ/0.9 pF17:1/85:1AutoProbe1Oscilloscope50 Ω
N2805A200 MHz±100 V4 MΩ/4.0 pF50:01:00AutoProbe1Oscilloscope50 Ω
N2804A300 MHz±300 V8 MΩ/10 pF100:01:00AutoProbe1Oscilloscope50 Ω
N2791A25 MHz±700 V8 MΩ/3.5 pF10:1/100:1BNCUSB cable or battery1 MΩ
N2790A100 MHz±1400 V1 MΩ/3.5 pF50:1/500:1AutoProbe1Oscilloscope1 MΩ
DP0001A400 MHz±2000 V10 MΩ/2.0 pF50:1/100:1/250:1/500:1AutoProbe1Oscilloscope50 Ω
N2891A70 MHz±7000 V100 MΩ/5.0 pF100:1/1000:1BNCUSB cable or battery1 MΩ

Power Rail Probes
ModelBandwidthInput RangeProbe OffsetInput ImpedanceAttenuation RatioProbe-to-scope Interface
N7020A2 GHz±850 mV1±24 V50 kΩ1.1:1AutoProbe1
N7024A6 GHz±600 mV1±15 V50 kΩ1.3:1AutoProbe1

  1. Measurement range about offset level.
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