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4Test Instrument – Supporting the next generation of engineers!

At 4Test Instrument our objective is to help our customers become successful. We know how hands-on experience creates great engineers, and how the right tools and instruments are vital in achieving the highest performance and confidence in what you do.

In fact, the entire sales team at 4Test has an engineering background, and this is also why we are passionate sponsors of various student projects at NTNU, - both through test and measurement equipment, but also through mentoring.

Below you can read about the various student projects we’re involved with for a short introduction. If you are interested in more information and news on the student projects, then follow the link to their homepage.

Revolve NTNU Racecar Project

Every year they are pushing boundaries and improving their technology. Making a race car: By designing, manufacturing, assembling, and testing a racecar all within 10 months, the students get valuable hands-on experience within engineering, finance, marketing and on being a part of a multidisciplinary team. The car is 4-wheel drive and fully electric. In 2022, the 10th racecar in Revolves history is being built. The team has gone from initially building a combustion racecar, to building an electric racecar, to building one electric car and one autonomous car per year. Now in 2022 they will build one car that will both function with a driver, as well as fully autonomously.

Team 2019 with the cars Atmos (the autonomous racecar) and the 2019 racecar Nova
©FSG @ranking
The partnership between Revolve NTNU and 4Test is the longest sponsorship 4Test has with any student organization. Through the years, the team has got access to a wide range of measurement equipment. From oscilloscopes and signal generators to regenerative power supplies and battery impedance meters.

Take a closer look at what the revolve Team did in 2021 with the test equipment provided by 4Test:

Revolve Magazine Spring 2021

Propulse NTNU - Student rocket project

Propulse NTNU is a rocketry team that aims to give students hands-on experience with engineering projects. The students join the team as an extracurricular activity on a voluntary basis with the goal of learning as much as they can about rockets, engineering and teamwork. Through Propulse NTNU, members will get opportunities that they would not have had as a regular student, adding experiences that will strengthen them as engineers in later projects and careers.

The final product reaches thousands of kilometers an hour in a matter of seconds, reaching higher than the tallest mountains, far into the sky - all built by students in their spare time.

4Test Instrument has sponsored Propulse NTNU since the very beginning, and have been supplying not only instruments, -but special expertise and mentorship to the students. Arve Tokheim, our Aerospace & Defence account manager, was also working with Portugal Space to host the EuRoC’21 event (European Rocketry Challenge), and will be joining the students at Space Cup America Cup in New Mexico in 2022.

Spaceport America Cup

EuRoC Page

The Propulse NTNU team

GridVille Sustainable energy project

GridVille is a technical project from “Engineers Without Borders Norway” and is a new project from 2021. They aim to design and build a microgrid, so villages without electricity can get their own power grid powered by renewable energy. Students joining this project get important insights and experience in solving today’s energy problems.

The GridVille Team

Render of the project

Vortex NTNU  - Student underwater vessels project

Vortex NTNU is a student-led volunteer organization composed of over 50 students from over 20 different study programs at NTNU in Trondheim. The organization was created with the purpose of developing students on a deeper level. This is again done by building autonomous underwater vessels capable of both observation and manipulation. By designing and building both the hardware and software of our own autonomous underwater/surface vehicles (AUV/ASV), we are able to compete in international competitions and help solve some of the challenges the maritime industry faces on a daily basis. 
Working together as a team, we strive to create the future of engineers; opening doors for students in the fascinating maritime industry. By using valuable instruments such as oscilloscopes and power supplies provided by 4Test Instrument, our team is able to deepen our understanding of electronic systems and improve the reliability and functionality of our vehicles. This hands-on experience not only enhances our technical skills; but also fosters innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities, essential qualities for tomorrow's engineers.

The Vortex NTNU team

Fuel Fighter – Pushing for the world’s most energy efficient electric car

One of the oldest technical student organization, working with the goal of making the most energy efficient car. Now also pushing to develop autonomous systems for the car. The team consists of more than 40 students from multiple fields of study. By competing in the “Shell Eco Marathon” the students get valuable hands-on experience from the Fuel Fight project. Through the collaboration with 4Test the students have gotten access to valuable instruments for the development of their car. By using oscilloscopes, power supplies and a current probe suited for their needs.

From the unveiling in 2021

Render of the project

Shift hyperloop – High speed transportation

Shift Hyperloop is our newest partnership. The students are challenging the traditional way of transportation. Hyperloop Alpha is a high-speed transportation system with the goal of transporting people instead of trains and airplanes.  By utilizing near-vacuum tubes, the air resistance and friction would be negligent then it would be able to travel in speed of 1000 km/h. The student has an incredible challenge with a project that can help the future on developing an energy efficient, environmentally friendly means of transportation.  4test is supporting Shift Hyperloop with Oscilloscope, data logger and LCR meter. So the student can debug the electronic and develop there motor.

Take a closer look at how the student structure their project year, in their newsletter from autumn 202


Omega Verksted - Electronic organization

This student organization from 1971 is for all student interested in electronic. Here the student get access to a large rang of equipment necessary to be successful in all projects, from hobby based to master project.  4Test donated in 2022 an oscilloscope and power supply. Suited for general purpose debugging and developing electronic. Omega Verksted arrange courses, which they arrange for members.


Cansat Trident Mini Satellite

The student organization from high school is competing in a competition arranged by the European Space Agency. Being a part of 6 students studying Romteknologi with Elektro og Datateknologi. In 2022 they won their national competition on Andøya.

See the comment from the judges here

4Test has donated the students a new oscilloscope from Keysight to help them debug their electronics.