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Innovative Lab Instruments


Innovate instruments for EMC mesurements

Emzer designs and develops innovative lab instruments for electromagnetic interference measurements. Our research on new measurement systems for electromagnetic compatibility enable us to develope high-tech instruments with advanced features.

A fully integrated system for complete measurements of conducted emissions up to 110 MHz. Fast and accurate EMI measurements and innovative Modal measurements (common and differential mode) for an effective filter design.


EMI Measurements:


  • FFT-based dual-channel receiver
  • According to CISPR16-1-1
  • Peak, Quasi-Peak and Average Detectors
  • Resolution Bandwidth Filters of 200 Hz, 9 kHz and 120 kHz (CISPR), and 1 kHz and 10 kHz (MIL)
  • The fastest receiver in the market: Line and Neutral measurements with the 3 detectors simultaneously (6 simultaneous measurements)

Modal Measurements:


  • Real-time results (FFT)
  • Common- and Differential-Mode measurements
  • Speeds up RF filter design and problem solving
  • Better device under test (DUT) characterization
  • Ideal for R&D

Compact and Cost-effective


  • Compact solution easy to move around
  • Integrates all items inside one single box:
  • 2 channel FFT receiver
  • 2 channel 16A single phase LISN
  • Pulse limiter 5W
  • Software
  • Fiber-optic communication

Software included

  • Embedded software with free updates, no installation is required
  • Allows EMI and Modal measurements
  • Waterfall function included
  • Automatic compliance test report (csv, pdf, image)
  • Easy results comparison features
  • Pre-set EMC measuremets settings
  • Oscilloscope mode (optional)

A Dual mode EMI receiver for conducted emissions and modal measurements.



  • Real time FFT measurements
  • Peak, Quasi-Peak and Average detectors according to CISPR 16
  • Modal measurements
  • Web-based remote control via optical fiber
  • Embedded software

Double channel LISN for simultaneous measurements of line and neutral terminals.



  • Dual channel LISN.
  • Single-phase V-network to measure line-conducted interferences.
  • Max Voltage 300 VAC; Max current 16 A
  • N type connectors to EMI receiver

Transient Limiter for instrument protection.



  • 9 kHz to 200 MHz frequency range
  • Stands up for 5 W of intput power
  • Includes a 10-dB attenuator and a 9-kHz high pass filter

Software Demo

Check the performance of EMSCOPE in the following video:

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