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 The Keysight DAQ970A Offers Unequaled Versatility for Your Data Acquisition Applications

In the past, you had to make a choice. On the one hand, you could choose the simple operation and low cost of a data logger. On the other hand, you had the flexibility and higher performance of a modular data acquisition system. The Keysight DAQ970A Data Acquisition/System gives you the best of both worlds: a simple user interface with low per-channel cost, modular flexibility, standard connectivity and impressive measurement performance.Whether you’re an R&D engineer working on characterizing your latest design, or a manufacturing engineer building a test system or troubleshooting a process, the DAQ970A Data Acquisition/System offers the best combination of price and measurement performance.

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At a fraction of the cost of other standalone data acquisition systems

  • 3-slot mainframe with built-in 6½ digit DMM and
  • 8 switch and control plug-in modules
  • Measures and converts 12 different input signals:
    • Temperature with thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors
    • DC/AC volts; 2- and 4-wire resistance; frequency and period
    • DC/AC current and capacitance
  • LAN and USB for easy connectivity to your PC:
  • Graphical Web interface for point and click monitor and control
  • USB flash drive support to copy/log data in standalone applications

It’s a data logger

Configured with a 20-channel relay multiplexer, the DAQ970A becomes a powerful, low-cost data logger for simple characterization applications. What’s more, the DAQ970A with its LAN and USB interfaces is ideal for easy set up and control for data logging applications in remote locations.

It’s a data acquisition front end

The DAQ970A is an automated test system with excellent measurement performance—it’s got the accuracy, resolution, and speed you need.

Better measurements with fewer hassles

Tired of putting up with the mediocre measurement performance you get with most data loggers or plug-in data acquisition boards? The DAQ970A offers 6½ digits of resolution and 0.004% basic 1-year dcV accuracy.

For pricing and technical data see here:   Product Information

Simplify your data gathering with Keysight BenchVue DAQ software

Do you want PC-based data logging capability, but don’t want to spend hours programming? BenchVue DAQ software is the answer. This Windows-based application is designed to make it a snap to use your PC for gathering and analyzing measurements. Use it to set up your test, acquire and archive measurement data, and perform real-time display and analysis of the incoming measurements.

A familiar spreadsheet environment makes it easy to configure and control your tests. And a rich set of colorful graphics provides many options for analyzing and displaying your data—all with point-and-click ease. Set up multiple graphics using strip charts, histograms, bar and scatter charts, individual channel results, and more. And of course you can use BenchVue DAQ to easily move data to other applications for further analysis, or for inclusion in your presentations and reports.

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